How About A Nevada Permanent Fund?

February 25, 2011 at 6:19 pm

The Nevada Energy Park idea being discussed by more and more energy savvy thinkers would be a boon to the state far exceeding the gold rush, the silver rush, the divorce rush and the gambling rush. I read with interest the Tax Foundation’s Special Report on State & Local Tax Burdens, which had the following sub-headline:

Alaska is able to export almost
80 percent of its tax collections to
residents of other states… While
taxpayers in 43 states are busy
filing income tax returns in April,
Alaskans are instead receiving checks
from a multi-billion-dollar reserve
fund built up from years of large
severance taxes on oil extraction.

Nuclear power is to Nevada what oil  is to Alaska. The Alaska Permanent Fund provides an ongoing annual dividend to Alaskans. A Nevada Permanent Fund could likewise provide and annual check to Nevada families approximating $2,500.

Nevada has a resource that no other state has, a federally designated nuclear storage facility which can be expanded to fuel rod reprocessing, energy research and development and nuclear power generation. The Nevada Energy Park would generate new diverse  industry, a new academic center of excellence in energy research and development, significant revenue for the state treasury, and an annual dividend check for each family in the state.

The best part is that utility rate payers in 43 other states are already paying for the development of the Nevada Energy Park. That’s correct over $30 Billion is available and growing each year in the Nuclear Waste Trust Fund. Pretty good potential source to start the NEP development, the Nevada Permanent Fund, and solve the state’s budget problems.

This idea is just getting started. Check out Let me know what you think.