September Dinner Update

September 21, 2011 at 5:36 pm

If participation by our group is any indication, our dinner last evening was a great success. Ty Cobb did a masterful job in taking us through the economics of immigration, dispelling any notion that the economic impact of illegal immigration is positive. The negative impacts are broad in education, health care, and criminal justice and the offsetting direct taxes like payroll and sales taxes are minuscule. The bulk of illegals are from Mexico and there is little doubt that Mexico is exporting its poverty. There is also little doubt that our unchecked demand for narcotics has turned Mexico into a killing field. Foreign investment in Mexico has done little to staunch the flow of illegals. Likewise, our “free lunch” welfare acts as a magnet even when the market economics of employment are absent or reduced.

So far the “fence” we have in place has worked to some extent but to make it impregnable would be prohibitively expensive, the law of diminishing returns in force. So to, employer enforcement has had little effect. The E-Verify system is subject to criticism on a lot of sides and not all that effective as today’s WSJ article points out.

Even our legal immigration system has serious flaws: We favor family preference rather than skill, talent and investment. We allow children of illegals born here to become automatic citizens, exacerbating the low silled impoverished family chain.

The keys to a reformed immigration system are: 1. Secure the boarders as economically as possible. 2. End the system of family preference entry in favor of one based on skill and language capability. 3. Strictly enforce a guest worker program for the needed low skilled jobs. 4. End the automatic citizenship by birth even if it requires a constitutional amendment to correct judicial misinterpretation.

We thank Ty Cobb for an enlightening discussion and the lively participation it encouraged. We will continue this important topic at our next session with some key political outreach efforts currently underway.